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Starter Comfort Insoles
Victor Hidalgo

In terms of comfort these are probably the most comfortable insoles I have ever encountered. The only constructive critique I would give is that they tend to be a little flat and I would ask that future consideration be given to arch support.

Great insoles

Fast delivery to Norway. Ordered 3 different insoles to check out fit, and the original insole fit my Jordan 1s with great comfort.

Best secondary insole

Makes J1s and Dunks much more wearable, but may need to 1/2 size up

Love them

So far my wife and I love them. Just got a few more.


Do yourself a favor and buy these hooper certified

Original Comfort Insoles
Stephen Schieppe

Love these insoles in my Jordan 1s

Comfy Insoles

These insoles are great! I have 3 pairs now and have put them in my Janoski's. It feels like boost and makes standing on my feet feel so much better

Wonderful ,but not perfect

These orthotics are the best I have tried and I have tried many including casting at a podiatrist. They are not perfect because they are not thick enough. I am experimenting Dr. Scholl pads to get the thicjkness I need.

Love the shorts

Good product

Love these insoles

Adds comfort to any shoe instantly.


I must say they are amazing. I work on feet I use to go home everyday not being able to walk at night after working on my feet. You’re Product has changed everything for me. I’m glad I took a chance was hesitant to try but I’m very pleased I did.

Always nice!

I’ve ordered a few of these in different sizes/thickness, and they’re always a great addition to shoes like Jordan 1s or Blazers that aren’t super comfortable. Great buy!


Now I can rock my Jordan 1's all day without feeling any discomfort.

Great value

I got the least expensive pair for my work shoes. I'm on my feet 6-10 hrs a day so it's been very welcome to have such comfort in my shoes! Gonna order more soon!


Best insoles ever! The yellow are more comfortable than the black colored version but still all in all, great product!

Saved my Ultraboost

These insoles made my ultraboost brand new again.

best insoles

I can’t explain how great these are. Best insoles I’ve tried yes I’ve tried gel, etc. this the greatest!

Comfort in every shoe

These soles are definitely an investment I can recommend to every sneakerhead.

nothing compares

The best insoles on the market. Nothing tops HefeLuxx.

Get Insoles

Very comfortable and good quality.

great product

These insoles are pretty awesome. They’re not pillow soft like the gel inserts or memory foam. They’re cushioned but almost in a springy way. I love them. I bought them to wear in my Vans but I’ve even started to wear them in my baseball cleats. It’s been a game changer. Will definitely get more. May try the thinner ones in hopes that I can fit them in more shoes.

Better than expected

I am very picky with my insoles, my feet are even pickier. I work in a warehouse on feet all day. I'm chunky and old. These insoles by far exceeded my expectations. Comfort and support without seeming like they are trying to reshape your feet. Highly recommend

Makes Jordan 1s an Everyday Shoe!!

Awesome insoles that make any shoe incredibly comfortable !!! Will put them in every pair of Jordan 1s I own!!

Comfort Guarantee

Every since I replaced my old soles with Hefe Luxx insoles I can definitely feel the difference and quality and comfort. I definitely recommend these to everyone.